Out of commission

As longtime Backloggery users will know, I’ve had more than my fair share of medical problems over the years. One of them has recently returned: Ulnar Nerve Compression. (Warning: graphic surgery picture if you scroll down) I’ve already had two surgeries for this a few years back and it looks like I’ll need more.

I share this because it means the site remake will be delayed. The ulner nerve feeds into the ring and pinky finger and compression causes numbness and pain there and in the elbow. Typing has become extremely painful for me, especially anything that uses the shift key frequently. Unfortunately there’s nothing that uses the shift key more than typing code.

This is especially frustrating for me because programming has become my favorite hobby, even over video games. And while I’m dictating this with Windows Speech Recognition (which works surprisingly well), dictating code is its own special nightmare. The one small mercy in all this is my thumbs are unaffected so I can at least hopefully forget the pain with the aid of some fun games.

I’m sorry this has become a running theme for the site. Once I’m back in action, I will let you know here.

Marathon: Success!

It was a long, laugh-filled, sleep-deprived weekend. And it was also a huge success! Thanks so much to everyone that watched, donated, and cheered us on!

It’s a new record!

Prize Pool

There’s a fair number of prize pool winners left that haven’t claimed a prize yet. If you’re one of them let me know what you want. It’s first come, first served. You can find the list of winners on the Prize Pool page.

Stream Directors

I’ve went through and tallied up all the donors that qualify for a stream directorship. If you’re not on this list and should be, please let me know!

  • Kharg
  • MSFeather
  • Slythex
  • WaluigiCubed
  • Markies
  • Celloman563
  • bbmuteman
  • ArrantPrac
  • Trynant
  • Lilith
  • axemtitanium
  • Dalton
  • SaintTweeter (x2)
  • Meimi
  • KasumiBlue
  • Haith

Now that the marathon is out of the way, it’s full-steam ahead on the site redesign!

The 4th Annual Site Fundraiser - July 19, Noon ET

It’s that time of year again! The entire Backloggery staff (yes, even Xavean) is getting together to stream 14 different co-op games all day long and into the night! There will be fun, prizes, and hours of entertainment, all to support the site. Don’t miss it!
We’re cooking up some new fun for this year!

Speaking of prizes, if you have anything you’d like to donate to the prize pool, let me know! No need to ship anything or send codes, just list whatever it is you’d like to donate. If a prize winner chooses something you donated, you can give to them directly. Otherwise, you don’t have to do a thing. Simple!

Is this your first year? Wondering what this is all about? We run an annual fundraiser marathon to cover server costs and pay staff members for all the time and energy they put into running and maintaining the Backloggery. Since we’re an ad-free site, the marathon is the single most important way to help keep the site going for years to come, as well as a great time to hang out with the rest of the community and have a lot of fun.

One last note: I was really hoping to get the site remake out before the marathon rolled around again, but it’s a ton of work and I’m the only programmer. I just couldn’t make it happen in time. But after the marathon is out of the way, I’ll be digging in full bore and aiming to get it out before the summer ends.

Store: New Shirt Design and Free Shipping!

Today and tomorrow only you can get free shipping on anything in our Spreadshirt store with coupon code T-DAY2014

We also have a new Fortune Cookie design available on a variety of shirts in various colors!

Click here to check out the store!

Status Medals Tweaked

Just a small update that’s long overdue. As a few observant people have noticed, we’ve tweaked the colors on the status medals. The number of colors used in each medal has been reduced to clean them up a bit. We’ve also tweaked the hues, particularly on the Unplayed and Unfinished medals to better accommodate our colorblind users. You can see the difference below.

(Forgive the added noise on the colorblind examples, the colorblind simulator added it.)

Of course, there’s many different kinds of colorblindness and we couldn’t accomodate them all but hopefully this will be helpful to the majority.

You might also notice the New and Unplayed medals are now the same color. This was always our intention but somehow the wrong file got uploaded and we plumb forgot about it.


I’ve had a few lingering questions about the Heartbleed bug a few weeks back. So for those that don’t follow me on Twitter, the Backloggery was not affected at all. We don’t use OpenSSL which had the bug, so no worries there. Of course, it’s never a bad idea to change a password you’ve been using for a long time!